Our Technology

The Illustris Technology Platform ("ITP") is a proprietary delivery technology made with passively active ingredients, designated as effective and safe, which provides a pathway through tissue structures enabling the delivery of active ingredients.  The Illustris family of technologies enables the delivery through tissue structures of large-molecule active ingredients (of at least 500KD) which are historically difficult or impossible to deliver topically, and optimizes delivery of active ingredients which can permeate tissue structures albeit inefficiently.

The ITP facilitates the delivery of active ingredients through tissue structures by deploying decoys, many of which temporarily distract and relax anchors that bind tissue cells together providing a portal for active ingredients to permeate the targeted tissue site. Based on the clinical objective, Illustris can deploy the appropriate amount of decoy to fully penetrate or partially permeate the targeted tissue structure or organ system.

The Illustris family of compounds are based upon principles of tissue imitating decoys to enable optimized active agent absorption. The decoys are typically based on, or composed of peptides or sugar chains (polysaccharides), which are derived from endogenous molecules, notably those that provide structural and biochemical support for cells. The Illustris system optimizes the delivery of macromolecules (of at least 500KD) that cannot normally be delivered topically and non-invasively to the skin, eye and mucosal (oral or vaginal) surfaces as well as agricultural applications.

Illustris utilizes Confocal Imaging, Quantitative High Resolution Mass Spectrometry, Ultrahigh Performance Liquid Chromatography, Skin Punches as well as other techniques to conduct its proof of concept analyses. Studies are available for review and discussion upon the execution of the necessary confidential and non-disclosure agreements.


OUR Intellectual PROPERTY rights

The ITP was developed and discovered by Dr. Jacob Waugh. Illustris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is the sole owner of all rights to the intellectual property related to the ITP by virtue of an assignment from Dr. Waugh. Broad patent applications covering the Illustris Technology Platform have been filed.


available license rights

Numerous licensing opportunities are available including, but not limited to, all active ingredients classified as drugs, oral to topical strategies and many other human, veterinary and agricultural applications.